Tunnels To Towers 5K

17 Sep

OK!!! So this weekend was A-MA-ZING!!! And just for good measure be sure to add and extra umph in that ZING!!! The Tunnels To Towers had is inaugural event here in Savannah this year, and can i just say, they did and AWESOME job putting it together!!! This Race started by the siblings of one of the firefighters that passed on 9-11, and over the last 11 years, this race is held in 70 different cities through out the Great Ole USA!! The Savannah Hilton Head International Airport Sponsored us so we got the nice grey t-shirts 🙂 Thanks for the invite Kim!

There were so many ladies and Gents in full uniform running this thing out….one of which i was running along side for the last 2 miles. I remember just constantly thinking to myself, “should i ask him if i can hold something for him” but at the same time didn’t know if he was allowed to let someone help, and i didn’t want to make him feel incapable of completing it like all the others he was there with. So many random thought flood through my head when i and thinking of doing something. He was just so winded and you know he had to be so hot with that firefighter uniform on. I was hot, i was in a t-shirt and spandex capris…..Any way, i never did ask, and i also flew past him on the sprint in to the finish…..I do feel a little bad BUT…

This is my strong pose….those arms look weak!!

I PR’d!!!!!

My last 5k i did was the Shamrock run in March, and i vividly remember running my little heart out to get in under 30 minutes….i came in at 30:20……..i was so bummed!! Of course there were SO many people i had to weave in and out of, that was my excuse. For this run though, i took off, i was up closer to the front so i didn’t have to weave, and flew. Well in my eyes i flew, the course was nice and shaded, one tiny little hill, and lots of ummmm “Men In Uniform” to keep me going strong!! I was totally feeling it up to 2 miles then my legs started hurting, but i just kept pushing through. I figured if it was any race i was going to push and give it my all, it was going to be the one that supported the events of 9-11.  As i turned the corner and saw the arches i was like OH ITS HERE, and i booked it to the end, passing as many people as i was able to pass, all while trying to keep a somewhat decent look on my face (you know, after watching all the people come in from the Pooler 5K) i didn’t want it to look like i was too exhausted! As i passed through the arches Jacy was on the sideline yelling “you did it in 28 minutes!!!!” I was like WHAT and turned around to look at the timer and it was just switching over to the 29 minute mark. I couldn’t believe it! And if you are not a runner or don’t know anybody who runs, you don’t understand how this will make someone who does run feel!! I ran for 2 years without ever being able to make it in under 30 minutes, and i beat that time by nearly 2 minutes. My normal 10min/mile pace was now in the 9’s. I will be working my way up to the top finisher medal status all too soon!! I guess next year is the year to do it, i turn 30 i will be at the bottom of my age group, i have the best chances while i’m still “somewhat” young….

Well i did not receive a finishers medal this go round, but i will one day. In the meantime, i will continue doing what i do……all while turning into a fitness junkie…..definitely NOT something i am NOT proud of! Now check out the photo’s of race day that Jacy was able to get while she came out to support!!!



One Response to “Tunnels To Towers 5K”

  1. Jacy September 17, 2012 at 3:11 pm #

    I was so excited for you when you crossed that line!!! It was an awesome feeling just to be there!!! Great energy that entire morning… couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day! Cheers to more PRs and awesome races!

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