Big Nasy Mud Run X2

3 Oct

Who doesn’t like playing in a little mud….i mean as a kid, yeah ok fun…but as a mom who looks at everything as gross and OMG what could be in this, am i going to get sick!! i can’t afford to get sick, or get a rash, GHA is that MANURE!?!?!?!? When i say mud run, what pops into YOUR head….some dirt, sand, dust, a few obstacles…and maybe some dirty water.


I am not new to wrestling running in the mud with a few other girls, in fact this was my 4th rodeo!!! What can i say, when i like something i kinda go overboard on it…my 1st was in February, my 2nd in April, my 3rd in June, and my 4th was just this past Saturday in September.

This race was a lot of FUN. I say that because the first few we were REALLY REALLY trying to run our hardest and get done fast, where this was kind of a “fun” run for us. Us being, Elisa, Tiffany & Linda. Oh and i did i mention, i signed my dad up too…and he didn’t to too bad either!! I am so proud of him!!  Anyways, we were in the second wave of the day, i did this on purpose 1) because since it wasn’t my first rodeo, i knew how obstacles get backed up with people, and you end up standing there waiting to try something that you may not even be able to do…2) It was the competitive wave!! And since we were signing up as singles i thought it would be a good time to show what i got! OK so i didn’t take off from everyone, we all stayed together and finished at very close times, but i love my team of ladies no matter what, team or no team.

The buzzer went off and we were OFF!! first into a puddle of mud, then off to our 4 mile course. I was not feeling too hot to begin with, but once i was able to warm up, i was good to go! Lets see, what obstacles did we do…lots of sloshing around in mud, over a cargo net, over and under walls, OVER a 20 something foot wall, that was high, army crawling under ropes, through a tire pit, carrying a tire for about a quarter mile, down a slide into water, over some big bubble things in the water. THEN the last one the wall and rope….haha i did good, i was able to get all the way up the wall, then my feet fell under me and i was just hanging there, lol, i still had to get my feet up and over my head to get over this wall!! i didn’t fall back down, but man that was a bitch to get over. Trust me, after the race we went back and watched others do it,,,and it was not easy for a lot of people, some people fell down that wall multiple times before needing to just go around it. The last thing before the finish line was the PEANUT BUTTER PIT dundundun!!! I swear it took me 50 minutes to run the 4 miles and 10 minutes to get through this pit!! it sucked me in and i couldn’t escape! it was so thick. In fact…don’t tell anyone i told you, but a girl that was on her way to start the race asked if that pit was actually made out of peanut butter…like the real stuff!! hehe totally thought she was just kidding, but that was not the case…
The 4 of us finished the race right at an hour, my dad came in 10 minutes later. Not too bad for an old man! I came in #19/83 women competitors, and  #89/243 overall competitors. I love those numbers!! I love how much i can do, that i was not able to do a few years ago. And i love doing it with all the people i love around me!! everyone out here is my inspiration and motivation!

Days later i am still getting dirt out of my ears….and from under my nails!


One Response to “Big Nasy Mud Run X2”

  1. Jacy October 4, 2012 at 4:50 am #

    Looks like so much fun! Dammit! I totally want to do the next one they are having in April next year, but it just better not be on the same weekend as that half! After would be good… or like the first weekend of April… We will see how the stars align!

    Great job on the finish time and getting over that wall!!!

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