Busy Busy Busy…to include getting a couple race entries/discounts…

10 Oct

Oh My Gosh…..I swear i have bean NON STOP for what seems like weeks now….my brain has been in no way shape or form, ready to sit and write out anything of importance, even though i DO have some great news!!!

Now if my brain would just remember those cool things……

OH right, a little race known as Americas toughest road marathon that takes place somewhere up in the Blue Ridge Mountains…..A very colorful run to hit Savannah (shhhhhh no ones knows about this one yet) oh and a fun little Turkey Day 4 miler.

All these are going to be giveaways in the upcoming posts that i have to sit down and write. As hard as it has been for me to just sit down and write about that fact that i plan to write about those has got to tell you something!!

So what is so new these last few weeks…lets see…I got my Silhouette Cameo!!! Perfect for making specific shirts for chapter members at discounted prices….and i am super excited about the shirts we plan to wear for the Rock N Roll on November 3rd i think i can squeeze in a little pic of the draw up here. I am actually really excited for all the other MRTT chapters who will be coming into Savannah to run this run!! So many people i have never met, and one i have known for years but never met!! Yep it’s Pam, MRTT creator herself coming down from Newnan GA.

I have been running up a storm!! let me see i will post a picture of my miles for the last few weeks…or months. idk, either way you can see how much it as increased over the last 2 months!!

Check out last months miles!!

Sunday funday 10 miler +

Sunday we had a MRTTmeetup to do 10 miles downtown starting at Fleet Feet all the way to bay and back, with a few turns in between. We had 9 people show!!! I hope everyone had a good time at least!! I know everyone is at different paces, but the point is to just get out there, you never what kind of new friendships you might make, and find running buddies who are your speed!

Coming down the bridge!!

This morning i did another bridge run this time with Jenn and Natalie, Nat is the bridge virgin no more!! She did awesome, shoot we all did!! I can’t believe how incredibly easy much better i have gotten with these hills!! Of course the temperature drop of about 20 degrees over the last 24 hours was kind of a breath of fresh air!! I got to test out my warmer clothing for running! Usually you see me trying to find the lightest weight outfit, today i was in layers…and it’s a good thing too because those layers were coming off!

See….Priceless Face!!

The Medal!!

The KRTT Medals came in today too!!! I am so excited for london to have her first medal….we are to log all her miles for the month of October, and all of the kids across the US will have accumulated mileage, with boys VS girls. The medals are seriously too cute!! and she is sooo excited to have it…was i supposed to wait until the end of the month???? HAHA, i get more excited about seeing her face over something so cool that i can’t control the wait process.

So we are both sitting here with a medal around our necks…hey gotta put them to good use right!! I can’t wait until the Winter Runnerland Virtual coming up in January!! More details to come on that one soon!!


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