Savannah Rock N Roll Half Marathon Recap

5 Nov

Time to check another half off the list!!!! Savannah Rock N Roll Marathon series came to Savannah for the second year. There were less people, but it was MUCH better organized than last year!! Overall this run was a GREAT experience. I had such a great time with everyone. And for once getting to hang out with people who did their first marathon, it is just priceless!!! It wasn’t just a race for me, this was a few weeks of gearing up, with Moms RUN This Town, and organizing dinner, to setting up the tent at the finish line. Having a group of ladies (and a few men) who ALL support each other is so rewarding! I will just do a small timeline of events that have taken place over the last few weeks.

Poster Making

If was Jenn’s idea, but we got supplies together to make posters for all the MRTTers, and others who we knew were running in the race. We got pizza and snacks(beer) set up camp and started making posters. We listed everyone’s names and made a few personalized. The day before the race Jenn and I went around the route and posted the signs in random places.

I slammed my hand twice and threw the hammer out of my hand and smacked it into my knee… wasn’t safe for me to be doing this job….who put me up to this!!!!

The Shirts

I offered up some shirts that Pam had made up for her chapter to wear, and i thought it would be great to have some for all the MRTT girls to have. Kinda like a big united group, so let the shirt making begin!!! OMG, haha, didn’t know what i was getting myself into!! So the shirts were REALLY cute, but it was also my first REAL experience with cutting LOTS of stuff with my Silhouette. I finally made myself a sign to stick on it to remind me that the letters need to be in REVERSE when i cut them out for the iron on vinyl. I mean i do know this, but when you sitting here playing and cutting, you just kinda forget…and you waste a TON of vinyl, that is not even cheap to begin with. 


I got out of work early on Thursday to go up to the race expo. It was very nicely set up!! They had LOTS of stuff i wanted to buy….too bad this is just a bad time of the year for us financially. BUT Christmas is coming!!! LOL, i know what i am asking for!! I got my shirt, my goodie bag and walked around for a while. Saw a few familiar faces and talked for a bit. Picked up the parking pass and that was it. Easy peasy.

Pasta Dinner

Months ago, i offered up to do a pasta dinner the night before the race. You know,,,carb loading….I wasn’t sure how many people would join, but the closer the event came, the more nervous i got about a lot of people possibly coming!!! haha. It all worked out wonderfully though. Jacy made some of her delish italian wedding soup, my mother in law made the pasta sauce, i made the salad and pasta. My parents offered up their house, (mine just isn’t big enough to fit a lot of people in it comfortably) We had a lot of people come by!! I am just so happy about my MRTT family. Last year it was my Aunt and me, now its us 2 and everyone else too!!! I just love that no matter where i go, i see someone i know now, and they are always a MRTT member!! Oh and Pam The “Mother” of Moms RUN This Town came in for the marathon!!! I have known her for about 4 years but only via the internet, so it was so nice to finally meet her!!! Seriously just an awesome person!! She should move to Savannah. (Even though she had a panic attack driving here!!)

My Race Outfit

I knew if i tried picking out what i was going to wear too early in advance, that it would change about 30 times, so i waited until 2 day before to figure all that out!! I wanted to be bright, but darker colors make me look thinner….these are all important things when trying to figure out what you are going to be seen in, and all the pictures you know you are going to be in throughout the race!! i opted for this!!

Front and Back

SOOOOOOO many people commented on my shirt!! Hahaha, i had people i could hear behind me yelling JUST DO IT EVEN IF YOU SUCK!!! usually they did it while i was in walking mode….guess that says something. Then the spectators were calling me a Bad Ass as i was coming up on them!!

Morning of

We had to wake up at 4AM to get parked downtown by 6AM. My sister met Pam and I at the ride share, we picked up Nat and got there with minutes to spare!! Luckily my sister had her big ass Denali, we had so much stuff to bring down to the park, Pam’s accord just wasn’t cutting it!! Once we got everyone and everything unloaded and to the pitch black park, we started setting up. We had a nice security guard hold a flashlight for us for a good hour while we pitched the tent, set up coolers, made posters, and got ready to RUN. He almost got in trouble by his supervisor, they came over to yell at him for doing nothing until we saved him. He seriously was helping a TON we would have been blind without the flashlight!!

Group shot before

Making Posters!!


So the park is actually a little over a mile to the start, so before we even started our marathon, we jogged/walked a mile. Good warmup…ahem… legs were already aching by the time i got to the start from standing for the last 4 hours already!!! haha.We made our way to corral 16, found Jenn and Dawn. Saw Ginger and got some pictures. 

It took about 20 minutes from the start for our corral to get up to the start line. We were so pumped though!!! That countdown started for us and we were OFF!!! Nat, Dawn and I were together for the first mile or so, Dawn is a little speedy, so we lost her. We let Jenn just do her thing, i mean she did have 26 to do,,,,hmmm too much!! HA. Nat and I stuck together until mile 8. We had a great first 5k, 10:15 pace, every split after that just got worse and worse!! lol, but its not all about the numbers!!! 

My husband was standing at mile 6 at Abercorn and Liberty with his boss waiting for me!! This is the first race he has actually come out to see. He made his way to another point, but i can’t remember which mile that was. There were so many signs out to read, i saw the ones we put out the day prior, and they looked pitiful!!! haha, they didn’t hold up all that well. The race support and people were amazing!! I think there were more out last year, but it seriously is so motivating to have all these random people out there cheering you on!  The last few miles i was on my own!!! The whole reason i MADE Nat sign up for this race was because i knew those last few miles were killer, and she totally keeps me going!! She had business i just couldn’t stand around and wait for!!! haha. Sometimes being a woman sucks…NOW that all her business is out there….on to the


I came up to the last bend and my sister jumped in and started running with me!!! She was video taping me, i need to see that video!!! it will get added when i get it!. i did get a good coming up to the end picture

Almost DONE

I had her tell me when the finish was, thats when i sprint it out, it was perfect!! i am a ground watcher, other wise i trip….i swear every time i look up, i trip on something, so i usually don’t see the finish until its too late!! i like to know that i can better my time by at least a little, but if i start too early i bonk out. In this last mile i had some leg spasms, kinda freaked me out!! At one point my leg almost gave out. When i sped up for the finish the same thing happened, i actually had to slow dow a little! Darn it, my time could have been in the 2:38’s instead of 2:39’s!! Oh right, they are just numbers!! Gotta remember that! I made it over the finish line and got swarmed with my medal, and drinks and food…it’s like it started with the boring stuff then at every stop the food and drinks got better!!! in a matter of seconds i had, 1 bottle of water, 1 bottle gatorade, 1 fruit cup, 2 chocolate milks, 1 granola bar, 1 bagel, and a spoon. Good thing the medal was around my neck, i would have had to leave it behind!!!

The After Party

I made my way over to the MRTT tent ALLLLLLLLL the way across the park. HA so glad we had that tent there. We had EVERYTHING, including the largest support group, which was the BEST. I sat down and immediately took my shoes off. Drank my 2 bottles of chocolate milk and waited for the others to come in!! The weather couldn’t have been better!! It seriously was so nice, if you were cold, go stand in the sun, if the sun was too hot, go sit in the shade. We had lots of mommas come by the tent to say hi and hang out for a little while. It was great to meet so many MRTT members from all over who came here!! I even met some from my chapter that i have yet to meet up with. Looking forward to running with more people in the future, and i think we will get a few other members because of the tent. We had a few giveaways to do so it brought people in. We had a blast, i don’t think the event could have gone smoother. It was much less crowded than last year, but in a good way. Last year was pure gridlock and the shuttles were no good. Of course i had nothing to do with the shuttles, so i don’t really know how they performed, but all in all, GREAT race!!!

What’s Next??

Well since you asked!!!!  Before this half, i was thinking about doing a whole marathon….then immediately after this half i said SCREW THAT!!!!! But it is only one day since that and i am already considering it again….SOOOO i guess its ON! I have the Blue Ridge Marathon in April AKA TOP 15 of the worlds toughest marathons!!! which gives me PLENTY of time to train, the only thing is….we don’t have hills. The Blue Ridge has an overall incline of 7,000ft over the course of the full marathon…..what do you think?? I’m thinking GAME ON BITCHES. So now that it’s out there, i guess there is no turning back. I once again have a crew of ladies doing it, the support system rocks, so i think i can, i think i can…

Enjoy some pictures


6 Responses to “Savannah Rock N Roll Half Marathon Recap”

  1. Jamie November 5, 2012 at 10:38 pm #

    Hey I remember seeing your t-shirt!!! I read it out loud to my running buddy and we laughed. I also remember seeing your signs… weren’t they on Washington? It was kind of a blur, but I remember getting a chuckle out of the ‘longer and harder’ one and wonder who the Evil J person was. Thanks for the smiles!

    • chasing pavement November 5, 2012 at 10:47 pm #

      OMG that is awesome!! I’m glad i could stick in someones head!! lol. Yes the signs were up on Washington and Evil J is She is the other Chapter Leader for moms run this town!! Hope you had a good run! That day was just so fun to me, kinda sad it’s over already! So much prep and it passed by so fast!! Thanks for reading!!

  2. Running, Our Way November 6, 2012 at 12:45 pm #

    I go by my roller derby girl name– you know, to be incognito! LOL! 🙂 Awesome write up Katie! I havent had a chance to do it, but now that I stole a picture or two off your blog, I might be able to put into words. Yall did great. Are you really going to do BRM26.2 with Michelle, Tina, and I??? She is writing up the training plan here soon. *sigh* It’s over, and I’m sad. I need another one!

    • chasing pavement November 7, 2012 at 10:29 pm #

      Thanks Jenn, yeah i plan to do the full!!! i have a training plan already, and hope it does the trick!! haha, It’s gonna be a good run, i bet the scenery is going to be amazing!!

  3. Jacy November 7, 2012 at 6:49 pm #

    Loved the review!! The pictures are awesome!! Thanks so much for everything you did – the party hosting, the poster party hosting, the tent setup and gathering of troops, among a ton of other stuff I didn’t mention!!! It was such an awesome day. And it was so much more awesome shared with such an awesome group of people!! Can you tell I’m still in a bit of a runner’s high? lol

    • chasing pavement November 7, 2012 at 10:31 pm #

      I think a runners high is an understatement!! i am still sad that it is over! All the planning and then DONE…haha. You and Jenn were huge helps too!! Couldn’t have done it without all fo my ladies!! You guys rock, and you rocked that half! on to the next!!

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