Thanksgiving Day Goodness!!!

24 Nov

Turkey Trot

I woke up bright and early this morning to get myself all set to run in our Turkey Trot here in Savannah GA, to help benefit the United Way. This is the first race i ever ran in back in 2010, back then it was a 5K, this year they bumped it up to a 4 mile race. Good for me!! i like the longer distances!! My group of people involved 14 of my family members!! I showed up and immediately went over to write our name down on the “largest group” list and noticed ours was the biggest SO FAR….i just let it be, didn’t really want to stress over it. (although i did hear someone say “oh man, looks like Katie is going to win!!)

We all stood around and chatted in the sun while we waited for the lineup at the start. It was a bit chilly out. Although i am used to running in the cold, we usually just get started, so we warm up quick, this time we had to stand around for a half hour before starting to get warmed up. We got lined up and listened to the National Anthem, and before you knew it we were OFF!

The Start

I started out kinda close to the front, i hate being in peoples way, but i also hate other people being in my way. The bobbing and weaving takes a toll on a runner. At one point i saw a opening on the grass along side all the walkers and i took off. I heard someone behind me doing the same, i didn’t look back, i just ran. My phone chimed in at mile one telling me my pace and it was in the 8’s, the LOW 8’s…WHAT?!?!?! I don’t run that fast. Jeanine asked me when we were lining up if i was going for time, i said yes, i want to finish this 4 miles in under 40 minutes….with a low 8 min/mile pace, i knew i was going to get it.

I kept thinking in my head as i was going, “just go fast now, that way the last couple miles if you have to go super slow, you can”  So i did, then i go to mile 2 and i was feeling really good. Sticking behind this skinny little girl who was running like she didn’t have a care in the world, no sweat, her legs looked like they were barely moving…i just kept thinking “don’t lose her” By mile 3 my phone said i was still in the 8’s. Did my 5k in 26 minutes (PR by 2 minutes) I figured i am more than half way done, if i keep up this fast little pace i have here i will be done in NO time, just 8 more minutes and i will be at the finish line! So i gunned it….i just went for it. Picked up my pace even more and then there was the finish. I picked it up a little too much, too early. I slowed it down until i was right at the end. I sped up and crossed the finish, I’m positive it was with that miserable look on my face too. I can take kinda-cute pictures when i run easy, but that is the last thing on my brain when im shooting for a PR!! I saw the clock as i crossed the finish 34:52. 34:53. 34:54……FASTER i thought, FASTER do NOT let that hit 35 minutes!! I crossed it at the 34:57 mark WHEW, i made it.

New PR!!!

I stopped my MapMyRun and it was at 34:52!!! Holy COW, that was so amazing. I was so happy. Not too far behind me was Linda and then Devin, then my Dad. I actually came in first out of everyone i was there with!! I went and checked out my results as they posted them at the finish line bulletin board, 34:36. 16/81 in my age group.

My 5 fasted runs

Largest Family Award!

Everyone crossed the line, my Mom, My Dad, a couple aunts, my uncle, cousins, and a friend. We all stuck around to wait for the awards, i was really hoping to get that biggest group/family award!! 3 years ago, this was my first race and there were only 4 of us who did it together!

2010 Turkey Trot

Last year we had 10, and this year we bumped it up to 14!  They called our name! WE WON i was so excited. We all had to go up to the front and we got our picture taken. (hopefully they will post them soon) As we were leaving we heard from across the park that we won the biggest family too!! I signed us up for the biggest family, and when i went back to see if anyone else had a bigger group, i saw my name was gone, so my aunt put us back on. Apparently there were 2 different pages, one for the biggest group, and one for the biggest family. LOL, we got them both. I have to go pick up our prize in a few days. Apparently they forgot it, so i don’t even know what it is!! the suspense is killing me!

I got home to find out i also won a contest i entered on Facebook to win a handheld from InknBurn!!! Ended up having just a good day overall. Breakfast and dinner with the WHOLE family. I think we did a head count of 43 people, 15 cars, 3 turkey’s, 4 different kinds of potato salad….I could keep going, but you get the point.


2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Day Goodness!!!”

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast December 8, 2012 at 12:55 am #

    Fantastic run– congrats on your new pr!!

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