A LOT of Damn Miles

3 Feb

So this post is gonna be a 2 in 1, that way its one less post, and i don’t really have to flood the inboxes of the poor souls that follow me!!

For the year of 2012 i ran 545 miles

For the month of January 2013 i ran a total of 107 miles.

For the first week of February, i ran the furthest i have ever ran at 18 miles in 3:57:09

So here is how it went. At the beginning of the year i signed up for a challenge on FB to run either 500 or 1000 miles for the year, since last year i made it to 545, i figured, heck why not double it, i can do that. So i took off running at the beginning of the year, pushing out 30+ miles a week for the first few weeks. Then wouldn’t you know it, life got in the way, week 3 i managed to squeeze out only 12 miles. What a bummer. And  it is funny to say that, there were some months last year that i didn’t even get 12 miles in for the entire month…i was doing 10x that now. So i ended my first month with 107 miles and only 893 left to go for the year. I also managed to push out 2 PDR’s during that month, first 14 miles, then the following week i did 15. And if you didn’t notice, it was the very first time i reached and passed 100 miles in one month. Picture 44


Skip to February 3rd and i had an 18 mile training run i need to do. I run best with a partner, and that partner is none other than my BRF(best running friend) Natalie. She was leaving to go on vacation after our scheduled 18, and i am scheduled to leave and go on my own vacation 3 days later, along with other stuff going on, we wouldn’t see each other for 2 weeks!! If we didn’t do this run TODAY, it wasn’t getting done, so 5AM came, i drove into Savannah and we started our journey to 18 miles. At this point of our training i can run 10 miles without any issues…its pretty “easy” compared to how it used to make me feel. Today was just a off day i guess because by mile 7 my body was aching in ways it only feels when i get to mile 14+. This started early and i had no Excedrine or anything for help. Our loop was 9 miles, so i had to keep on going if i wanted to make it back to my car. once we ran our lap around Forsyth we were at mile 12 and i was like lets just get to 13 and call it quits…at mile 12.5 i got my second wind and looked back at Nat and said “i have this, i just need to keep on going” she chimed in with “go im right behind you” so we took off once again so that we would HAVE to run BACK to the car, you know how tempting that car can be passing it over and over again. We ran our little hearts out for that last 5 miles, well, im sure if anyone was walking they would have passed us, but we didn’t freaking stop, until the last half mile, we walked that, with the shoes OFF. My car was exactly at mile 18, we measured that out pretty darn good!! Done, done and done….until the next one….



4 Responses to “A LOT of Damn Miles”

  1. Sabrina @ Work It Ms jackson February 4, 2013 at 12:41 pm #

    That’s fantastic! I have never run that kind of distance at once. In fact I’m still in those measley single digits for a single run but I’m working on it and one day, I’ll get there. WAY TO GO!

    • chasing pavement March 18, 2013 at 4:39 pm #

      i’m sorry!! i have been a total slacker on here lately, im just catching up, but to be honest, 5 miles or 15, they are still miles!!! Better than sitting on the couch!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. How My World Runs February 5, 2013 at 1:20 am #

    Awesome! Congrats!!

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