Chase The Sun 12 Hour Ultra

1 Mar

{Note, this has been saved as a draft in  my posts for 5 months now….guess i forgot to publish it}

Chase The Sun 12 Hour Ultra

September 23, 2013

33.64 Miles in 12 hours

It’s been a good week and a half since doing my first Ultra. I figured i would let it “set” in before running out and writing about my experience….which for me is usually a good thing, as i will probably forget most of the details because i have now waited too long. This is good news for readers tho, makes for less reading on your part.

I in no way, shape or form trained for this race the way one SHOULD~~~~with that being said:  I got up at 4AM to get prepared for this race. I had to meet up with a friend to drop my daughter off at 5:45 AM. I made it out the parking lot right around 6:15 and met some lovely ladies from MRTT and we walked to our setup. One of our MRTT mamas came out the night before and set up a tent so we had a place to put our stuff and hang out. We all gathered around, talked for  a bit kinda got the feel for this whole new ULTRA feel of a race. It was my first, i had no clue what to expect. I didn’t even get to volunteer at one before attempting my first! All the runners made their way to the start and we listened to the National Anthem, sung by another very talented MRTT mama. Before you knew it, the horn blew and we were off!! Was NOT expecting it!! i didn’t even have my Garmin on and locating a satellite yet. Either way, my watch didn’t start till about a quarter mile into the race. No big deal, i knew it wouldn’t last the entire race anyways…Which is a whole other story in itself!!!

I ran the first 2 laps with a few girls i know, (each lap was 1.87 miles) I think in less than 4 miles i pushed myself too hard already and i had a headache coming on. GREAT. I still have 11.5 hours to go, and i already have a headache. Anyways, after my first 2 laps i stopped at the water station and rehydrated. I started doing a run out of the start about a quarter mile, then walk, then run back into the finish about a quarter mile. It took me nearly exactly 30 minutes to complete every lap. Some i ran more than others. If i felt up to it, i ran, if not i walked. My goal was to make it to 31 miles, and survive on my feet for 12 hours. I wasn’t going for speed, or longer distance than that by any means.

The support system out there was like nothing i have ever seen before!! Between all my friends running, and all my friends volunteering for the race, and my running buddy from afar who woke up at 6am to text me good luck and send me pump up music…it was seriously such a great experience that made me love my running community even more than i already did before!! Even though i walked, every time someone passed me, they said “good job”. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I even had a friend come out at 3pm and stick with me until 7pm just to keep me company and make sure i finish without being too bored!! Who does that!!?? Lindsey does.  She has since signed up for her first 12 hour, guess what i will be doing 🙂

To make this a little more entertaining for any readers, i will go ahead and tell you about my Garmin experience….My first marathon only recorded on my Garmin as 26.1 miles, in turn wouldn’t record on my Garmin dashboard online as a marathon. BUMMER….SO for this race i wanted that marathon distance on my dashboard!!! Since i was going so slow, it took me almost 9 hours to get to the 26 miles mark, at which point my watch started beeping at me that it had a low battery!! I wanted to get to the distance before it shut off so i ran and ran until i made it to the 26.2. I was SO excited, i had done it! 2nd marathon distance complete!! Literally at 26.24 miles, my watch shut off. At that point i was like OMG did it even save!!! luckily it did save.  I think this was way more exciting while i was out there….writing it out doesn’t sound quite as interesting to me as it initially did. OH WELL.

I managed to pump out 18 laps around the Whitemarsh Preserve in 12 hours. Doing 33.66 miles. Completely ok and happy with that!! I felt ok the next few days even. Only 5 blisters…all good. Actually i think my legs are still burning from that run…..i’m kidding. But seriously……

I am signing up for the next….it’s a 50k, with an 8 hour time limit. MAD MARSH!!! WOOT, i’m really excited to see how fast i can do that distance without taking my time doing it.

Attached are some pics throughout the day.

12648_10153244889750043_1382155136_n 44766_10151777499360808_169978648_n 44766_10201321047339687_1890974379_n 63925_10153244889885043_431989807_n 543923_10153244890990043_2146703347_n 553684_10202201735990662_2111314466_n 554542_10153243049480043_1468262971_n 578652_10202050741018636_1872838255_n 625420_546804898719670_619612751_n 996825_10153243049945043_336559870_n 1000969_416901675088277_147709553_n 1209410_10202048176714530_74797577_n 1229875_10153243048420043_805803307_n 1238908_10153244889520043_1967677796_n 1239370_10153244890145043_279612540_n 1239963_10202201734910635_596349105_n 1240427_10153244893450043_289168939_n 1255191_10202048904132715_1081056450_n 1255203_546804872053006_1285435886_n 1374173_10202201740910785_1365773850_n 0921131010 (1)


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