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Chase The Sun 12 Hour Ultra

1 Mar

{Note, this has been saved as a draft in  my posts for 5 months now….guess i forgot to publish it}

Chase The Sun 12 Hour Ultra

September 23, 2013

33.64 Miles in 12 hours

It’s been a good week and a half since doing my first Ultra. I figured i would let it “set” in before running out and writing about my experience….which for me is usually a good thing, as i will probably forget most of the details because i have now waited too long. This is good news for readers tho, makes for less reading on your part.

I in no way, shape or form trained for this race the way one SHOULD~~~~with that being said:  I got up at 4AM to get prepared for this race. I had to meet up with a friend to drop my daughter off at 5:45 AM. I made it out the parking lot right around 6:15 and met some lovely ladies from MRTT and we walked to our setup. One of our MRTT mamas came out the night before and set up a tent so we had a place to put our stuff and hang out. We all gathered around, talked for  a bit kinda got the feel for this whole new ULTRA feel of a race. It was my first, i had no clue what to expect. I didn’t even get to volunteer at one before attempting my first! All the runners made their way to the start and we listened to the National Anthem, sung by another very talented MRTT mama. Before you knew it, the horn blew and we were off!! Was NOT expecting it!! i didn’t even have my Garmin on and locating a satellite yet. Either way, my watch didn’t start till about a quarter mile into the race. No big deal, i knew it wouldn’t last the entire race anyways…Which is a whole other story in itself!!!

I ran the first 2 laps with a few girls i know, (each lap was 1.87 miles) I think in less than 4 miles i pushed myself too hard already and i had a headache coming on. GREAT. I still have 11.5 hours to go, and i already have a headache. Anyways, after my first 2 laps i stopped at the water station and rehydrated. I started doing a run out of the start about a quarter mile, then walk, then run back into the finish about a quarter mile. It took me nearly exactly 30 minutes to complete every lap. Some i ran more than others. If i felt up to it, i ran, if not i walked. My goal was to make it to 31 miles, and survive on my feet for 12 hours. I wasn’t going for speed, or longer distance than that by any means.

The support system out there was like nothing i have ever seen before!! Between all my friends running, and all my friends volunteering for the race, and my running buddy from afar who woke up at 6am to text me good luck and send me pump up music…it was seriously such a great experience that made me love my running community even more than i already did before!! Even though i walked, every time someone passed me, they said “good job”. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I even had a friend come out at 3pm and stick with me until 7pm just to keep me company and make sure i finish without being too bored!! Who does that!!?? Lindsey does.  She has since signed up for her first 12 hour, guess what i will be doing 🙂

To make this a little more entertaining for any readers, i will go ahead and tell you about my Garmin experience….My first marathon only recorded on my Garmin as 26.1 miles, in turn wouldn’t record on my Garmin dashboard online as a marathon. BUMMER….SO for this race i wanted that marathon distance on my dashboard!!! Since i was going so slow, it took me almost 9 hours to get to the 26 miles mark, at which point my watch started beeping at me that it had a low battery!! I wanted to get to the distance before it shut off so i ran and ran until i made it to the 26.2. I was SO excited, i had done it! 2nd marathon distance complete!! Literally at 26.24 miles, my watch shut off. At that point i was like OMG did it even save!!! luckily it did save.  I think this was way more exciting while i was out there….writing it out doesn’t sound quite as interesting to me as it initially did. OH WELL.

I managed to pump out 18 laps around the Whitemarsh Preserve in 12 hours. Doing 33.66 miles. Completely ok and happy with that!! I felt ok the next few days even. Only 5 blisters…all good. Actually i think my legs are still burning from that run…..i’m kidding. But seriously……

I am signing up for the next….it’s a 50k, with an 8 hour time limit. MAD MARSH!!! WOOT, i’m really excited to see how fast i can do that distance without taking my time doing it.

Attached are some pics throughout the day.

12648_10153244889750043_1382155136_n 44766_10151777499360808_169978648_n 44766_10201321047339687_1890974379_n 63925_10153244889885043_431989807_n 543923_10153244890990043_2146703347_n 553684_10202201735990662_2111314466_n 554542_10153243049480043_1468262971_n 578652_10202050741018636_1872838255_n 625420_546804898719670_619612751_n 996825_10153243049945043_336559870_n 1000969_416901675088277_147709553_n 1209410_10202048176714530_74797577_n 1229875_10153243048420043_805803307_n 1238908_10153244889520043_1967677796_n 1239370_10153244890145043_279612540_n 1239963_10202201734910635_596349105_n 1240427_10153244893450043_289168939_n 1255191_10202048904132715_1081056450_n 1255203_546804872053006_1285435886_n 1374173_10202201740910785_1365773850_n 0921131010 (1)


Chase The Sun ULTRA

23 Aug

I just signed up for the Chase The Sun ULTRA next month…..T- MINUS 29 days to train for a 12 hour Ultra race….OMG….

The END. 



Publix GA Half Marathon, ATL

6 Apr

The Date: Sunday, March 17, 2013

The second of my 3 half marathons in one month, this one was VERY last minute.

I found out i was doing this race about 8 days before the actual race. Now mind you, Atlanta is 4 hours away, and i needed a place to stay, on the cheap…I do this for fun, not to go broke. So good ole’ MRTT to the rescue!! I posted in the group of a bazillion ladies asking if anyone had an extra spot for a crasher (me). Only took about 30 minutes and i was all set up in a hotel with my fellow MRTT mama, Kim and her sister Brooke. I offered to drive and pay for gas, it was the lease i could do.

We left for ATL on Saturday morning so we could get to the expo and kind of relax and check out ATL for the short time we were there. Of course we hit traffic about 30 min out, and it held us back about an hour. At which point my knee started to ache. I have no clue why or how, but my knee became swollen!! Out of no where, i had this huge knee, and it didn’t hurt, but i was nervous because i needed to run 13 miles on it the next day, with HILLS.  Every chance i had, i iced it while we were at the hotel, and just tried to not over do it. We walked about 6 blocks from the hotel to the expo, where they were giving out Biscoff by the case! THE CASE. Never even heard of this stuff before the hot chocolate run just 2 months before…now i have 16 bottles of it in my pantry….I figured if all else fails me, and my knee doesn’t work for this race tomorrow, i have enough Biscoff to keep the tears back.

Race morning was FUN. We had a meetup spot for pictures with all the MRTT members that were doing the race…we had a lot, maybe about 40 that were able to make it to the picture set up at the start. Then we were off to find our corrals. Kim was doing her VERY FIRST FULL Marathon today!! She was a nervous wreck all the way up to the second i saw her off when i jumped into my corral. I wished her well and i was on my way.

All the MRTT group!!

All the MRTT group!!

The race started without me even knowing it!! it was just a steady stream of people moving forward, then all of a sudden i was going over the timing strip!! RUN, lol, i wasn’t ready, i thought i still had a ways to go. But i started my Garmin, got my music going and took off. The hills didn’t bother me, my knee didn’t bother me. I started off super slow, just taking my time and taking it all in, then realized i didn’t need to take my time. My knee was ok, i just needed to go and see how well i could do on these “massive” hills….i say massive…Just wait until my next blog entry about the Lexington, KY Run the Bluegrass….OMG. Anyways, i was fine, the hills were a piece of cake and i was on fire!! The course was really pretty at some parts. The perfect time of year where the trees were blooming, beautiful white flowers..they were like a tunnel going over the road, and the sun was rising at that point…..of course i didn’t get a picture of that. Drinks and energy every 2 miles. I love that. I consider those spots to be  my walk breaks, The Palmetto Bluff was the same way. Every single  2 miles, i got a little walk in to lower my heart rate and gear back up for the next 2 miles. They even had M&M’s at mile 8 i think….YUM. That was a first for me.

I crossed that finish line at 2:20:26. I say that for the hills included, (which didn’t bother me) my knee issue (which didn’t bother me) and the fact that i started out pretty slow, thinking i needed to…i got a great time!! I am not at all disappointed in that number. Hell, i’m never disappointed in any number i put out there!! i just enjoy doing it!!

My new Bling!!

My new Bling!!

Once we finished MRTT had a tent set up with food and masseuse!!! Brooke and I decided we were going to go back to the hotel and get a shower in while we waited for Kim to finish up her full marathon. We knew we had time to get there and back in time to see her finish. While Brooke was in the shower, the phone rang, when i answered it was the EMT on the other line saying that they had Kim in the back of the ambulance and they were taking her to the hospital. Freak out time… this point we now had to pack up everything and get out of the hotel by a certain hour, which meant we needed to get all of our stuff out and my car out of vallet. It took me a good hour or so to find this stupid hospital. Apparently there is a school with the name Emory, a children’s hospital with the name Emory, lots of little shops and food joints with the name Emory, and THEN there is a regular person hospital with the name Emory…OMG….i literally was crying because when i get annoyed and stressed that is what i do. 3 parking garages later, i FINALLY find the hospital that she was staying in….Then i get there and wait. lol, she had to have fluids and stuff. Apparently she got to mile 15 and felt her knee crack, then started to feel faint, and sat down. She passed out and that was when the ambulance came and escorted her right off that course and into the hospital that i couldn’t find. She got discharged and we were on our way home around 4:30pm. Good thing i offered to drive. Kim was passed out the entire 4 hour trip back home. After other doctor appointments, turns out she had a torn MCL and a Tibial Fracture. She is on the road to recovery!! I hope she gets to finish up a full one day, but for now, she needs to just rest.

And that was my Super exciting last minute trip up to the ATL to run in the Publix GA half marathon. The race was actually one i REALLY wanted to do, but didn’t want to spend the money on, it just managed to fall into my hands, on my 30th birthday. Great birthday present indeed!! Thank you Olivia!!

Enjoy the pictures!!

Elevation Gain and time

Elevation Gain and time

All the MRTT group!!

All the MRTT group!!

Brooke and I after

Brooke and I after20130317_100605

well my knee, you can kinda see the swollen right leg.
well my knee, you can kinda see the swollen right leg.

20130317_100636 20130317_100505

Centennial Park after party

Centennial Park after party

My Biscoff!!

My Biscoff!!

Icing the knee

Icing the knee

Flat mama, i didn't end up wearing that shirt....

Flat mama, i didn’t end up wearing that shirt….

View from the Hilton

View from the Hilton


Crammed race morning

Crammed race morning

A view of the course

A view of the course

Picture with the sign

Picture with the sign



Getting ready for race day

Getting ready for race day

26.2 With Donna Marathon Relay

18 Mar

So Jacy was ever so kind in sharing her race entry that she won with a few of us from MRTT!!! She could have chosen to run the entire 13 or 26 miles all by herself, but instead she wanted to have company!! And i am so glad she wanted our company! The marathon relay was split up into 5 different legs to cover the full 26.2 miles. We had 5 different people to do all the legs, but one leg kept having stability issues, one girl was injured so she had to give up her spot, then the girl who took her place ended up getting into an accident just days before the race so she couldn’t race either. Guess who got to fill that spot?! ME 🙂 Jacy knew i needed to get my training miles in, so she offered up 2 of the legs to me, which totalled 10.5 miles legs 3 & 4.

Jacy and I left for Jacksonville and went to the expo. We got to finally meet up with a few MRTT mamas that are from the FL area chapters, that was FUN. We all went out to dinner together at Carabbas. Jacy and I went back to the hotel and caught up over a glass of wine in the lounge, then waited for Ashton to come in. We laid out our flat mama’s. Jacy made up matching designs for all of us to wear. we looked like Dunkin Donuts sponsored us, totally unintentional.

Come race day and OMG COLD. so we are in Florida….it is just NOT supposed to be this cold. I swear i got frostbite….It’s hard doing the relay in the cold because you have hours before you even need to run and get to warm up, so you just freeze, and we did. Ashton was first leg, and they had to delay the start because traffic getting to the race venue, well, it was just dead stop traffic. Miles and miles of cars not moving an inch. I was able to talk with a few other girls who were still waiting in the traffic while i was waiting in the freezing cold for them to get there. finally at the start Ashton took off doing her 6 mile leg. We had to take shuttels to the stop where we hand off the baton, so Pat took shuttle 2 to her stop, Jacy and i waited in the car with the heater on, for a little while. I had it timed out so i knew when i needed to leave to get to my position to get the baton from pat when she finished up her 3.75 mile leg. I was there waiting for her at my stop and she came rolling up and handed off the baton and i was OFF. Leg 3 was 6.75 miles, and when i came up to the baton hand off spot, i got to just keep going since i was doing 2 legs. The next leg was 3.5 miles. The scenery of the 2 legs were so pretty!! all the houses we passed reminded me of the beach housees in Rhode Island groing up. Of course i was bundled too from the freezing weather in the morning, so around mile 4 i was warmed up and i had to strip. I was completely loaded down with STUFF….anyways, once i got done with my 2 legs it was finally Jacy’s turn!! i mean she has been waiting for hours to get to run, im sure she is frozen solid by now…Her family was there and was able to get a cool shot of us handing off the baton and her taking off to finish up her 6.2 mile leg. i took the shuttle to the finish line and met up with Ashton. I had to get my medal since i didn’t get it on the run when i finished my leg. I got my beer and free food and we waited for Jacy. She came in super fierce at the end!!

And that about sums it up. Add another medal to my wall, cross off – do a marathon relay, from the list, add something new to the list. What should i set out for next?? Maybe i should get through my first FULL marathon before i add anything else.6552_10200613582010559_919699518_n

13109_10200615725744151_1917454424_n 13110_10151290769773587_775617238_n 16497_10200615727224188_1131132527_n 64750_606911799334434_1725707341_n 69267_606911829334431_941505205_n 69584_10200624807731195_1469658390_n 149984_10200615726544171_1524379784_n 285303_10200624808491214_953585699_n 382208_10200615351574797_805659492_n 482474_10200613581410544_1796106736_n 485318_10200618030561770_1710141736_n 528028_10151228624201580_912850401_n 535552_10200615726784177_497832445_n 560026_10200770203836399_1033998043_n 560092_10200615726224163_80432066_n 560498_10151294059218587_1000453565_n 598590_10200615727544196_1749678459_n

Blue Ridge Marathon GIVEAWAY!!!!!

5 Nov

The time has come!!! I just ran the Savannah Rock N Roll Half Marathon yesterday, now it is time to move onto the NEXT challenge in my running career….it is a career right?? Just one you spend money on, instead of making money on….

Today i open up my blog to everyone who would like to participate in Americas Toughest Road Marathon!! It is on the list of the top 15 of the worlds toughest marathons. I will be choosing a winner at random from my comments to come join me and many of my other moms at Moms RUN This Town who are participating in this event. i will be choosing the winner on november 17th.

From the site:

Local runners have crafted one of the most challenging and beautiful marathons on the east coast. In 2010 the full marathon course included 3,076 feet of total elevation gain and 6,140 feet of total elevation change, but that just wasn’t enough.

The 2012 course includes 3,620 feet of total elevation gain and 7,234 feet of total elevation change. Kind of gives new meaning to runner’s high.

The uphill portions will test each runner’s strength and endurance while the equally challenging downhill sections are sure to weed out those who are unprepared. The breathtaking views and stunning Blue Ridge Mountain scenery will offer some reprieve to runners as they persevere to the finish line! Are you up for the challenge of America’s Toughest Road Marathon?

  • What: Full & Half Marathon. 5-Person Team Relay. Walking Half. YMCA Kids Marathon
  • Where: Roanoke, VA and Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Date: April 20, 2013
  • Start Time: 7:30 am
  • Begins: Taubman Museum of Art
  • Ends: Taubman Museum of Art
  • Total Elevation Change: ~7,234 ft. (full), ~2,500 ft. (half)
  • Most Difficult Section: Roanoke Mountain on Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Awards: All runners receive finisher medals. Top male and top female finisher of full marathon receive a Tag Heuer watch courtesy of Fink’s Jewelers
  • Beneficiary: Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Honorary Race Chair: Rep. Bob Goodlatte (Va)
  • Magnificent Views: Plenty

Net proceeds from this race will go to Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway – the official National Park Service Blue Ridge Parkway’s 501(c)(3) membership organization for visitors to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway works tirelessly to protect, preserve, and enhance the Blue Ridge Parkway – a national treasure!

The organizers would like to thank the National Park Service for its support of this event. We would also like to acknowledge the support of Honorary Race Chair Rep. Bob Goodlatte of Roanoke.

Get Running!

Make A Comment Below for EACH thing, for your chance to win:

Go “LIKE” Moms RUN This Town, Savannah GA – Tell me you did

Go “LIKE” Blue Ridge Marathon On FB

Tweet  –  I Want to #runBlueRidge from @chasnpavement  @brm26pt2 @therunchat  #runchat

and go follow them

Tell Me WHY you run in a comment

Share this on your FB page with the button below


Disclaimer: As an official blogger for the Blue Ridge Marathon I have been provided with a free race registration myself.


28 Oct

So i did to pick the winner of the Color Vibe Giveaway, and the winner is Comment #3!!!! That would be Jenn F. Congrats on the win, and we will see you out there for the color vibe December 8th!!!!

Check out Running Our Way’s Blog for the next Color Vibe giveaway!!!

Color Vibe Giveaway

20 Oct

5 Tips for doing a color run

On your mark….GET SET……GO!!!!!!! See below what to comment about to enter into the giveaway for the Color Vibe Savannah, GA!!

What’s that,   You don’t know what  a COLOR RUN IS!!?!?!? no problem, i will help you to understand. First you wear white,,,,,line up at the start line, run and get colored corn starch thrown at you!!! come out looking like a…WELL…..this!

You are sure to have a great time…..i mean how could this NOT be fun!!

All i need for you to do is leave an individual comment for EACH question or request below.

  1. Tell me what color you want to dive into first
  2. Head over to the Color Vibe on facebook page and “like” them and come tell us you did.  You can even let them know  Moms RUN This Town (Savannah, GA)  sent you – Let me know you did
  3. Tweet your excitement about the giveaway: “I want to run into some color in #Savannah from @colorvibe via @momsrunthistown!!” – Let me know you did
    Be sure to follow them too!
  4. Share this giveaway on facebook and/or twitter and/or Pin it using the share/pin buttons below the post. Come back and leave a comment for each one you do.
  5. Go like Moms RUN This Town (Savannah, GA) on FB. – Let us know you did.

And thats it….you have multiple options for entries here!! DO one, do them all, the more you do the better your chances of winning!!! Hope to see you out there running with our Group Moms Run This Town Savannah GA!!!!

This giveaway is open until Saturday October 27th!!! That is ONE week to get in your entries, the winner will be chosen at random, and posted on Sunday the 28th. Thanks for playing!!!

Can’t wait for the entry, go ahead and sign up now:  Get 20% off with a special MRTT discount code: MOMSRUNSAVANNAH (code expires October 31st)

The next FREE entry will be next week at (

Also, if you register please be sure to enter charity code: CHILDRENMUMC when registering to help raise money for the Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center! A portion of the proceeds will go to this charity.

I Refuse To Quit!

18 Oct


So when i first read this quote, i read it all wrong!!! In my head, it was more like, “I want to inspire people, And because of that I refuse to quit”, as in, i can’t quit if i want to help everyone else too, in return, you all actually inspire me. I have been reading this quote for 3 days just like that, until today, i SLOWED down and read it, and realized it said that i want someone to tell me that THEY refused to quit because of me….Either way, i have heard it from many already, and THAT is what keeps me going every day!!

Just thought i would share!!! I love all my other mother runners, and not so mothers, or women for that matter. All of you out there that keep going and want to get started because of all my annoying FB posts 🙂 If it works for even one person, i’m gonna keep doing it!!

Oh and stay tuned for Saturday!! I will be posting about my free entries to the Color Vibe, Get 20% off with a special MRTT discount code: MOMSRUNSAVANNAH (until end of day 10/31).  Also one for the Blue Ridge Marathon and half. Gotta get those things going if i plan to give any away!! 

P.S.  Also, if you register for the Color Vibe, please be sure to enter charity code: CHILDRENMUMC when registering to help raise money for the Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center! A portion of the proceeds will go to this charity.
I also have the discount code to the  right --->
for the color in motion 5k in Jacksonville FL. For my non 
GA members!! I will be doing both of them!

Big Nasy Mud Run X2

3 Oct

Who doesn’t like playing in a little mud….i mean as a kid, yeah ok fun…but as a mom who looks at everything as gross and OMG what could be in this, am i going to get sick!! i can’t afford to get sick, or get a rash, GHA is that MANURE!?!?!?!? When i say mud run, what pops into YOUR head….some dirt, sand, dust, a few obstacles…and maybe some dirty water.


I am not new to wrestling running in the mud with a few other girls, in fact this was my 4th rodeo!!! What can i say, when i like something i kinda go overboard on it…my 1st was in February, my 2nd in April, my 3rd in June, and my 4th was just this past Saturday in September.

This race was a lot of FUN. I say that because the first few we were REALLY REALLY trying to run our hardest and get done fast, where this was kind of a “fun” run for us. Us being, Elisa, Tiffany & Linda. Oh and i did i mention, i signed my dad up too…and he didn’t to too bad either!! I am so proud of him!!  Anyways, we were in the second wave of the day, i did this on purpose 1) because since it wasn’t my first rodeo, i knew how obstacles get backed up with people, and you end up standing there waiting to try something that you may not even be able to do…2) It was the competitive wave!! And since we were signing up as singles i thought it would be a good time to show what i got! OK so i didn’t take off from everyone, we all stayed together and finished at very close times, but i love my team of ladies no matter what, team or no team.

The buzzer went off and we were OFF!! first into a puddle of mud, then off to our 4 mile course. I was not feeling too hot to begin with, but once i was able to warm up, i was good to go! Lets see, what obstacles did we do…lots of sloshing around in mud, over a cargo net, over and under walls, OVER a 20 something foot wall, that was high, army crawling under ropes, through a tire pit, carrying a tire for about a quarter mile, down a slide into water, over some big bubble things in the water. THEN the last one the wall and rope….haha i did good, i was able to get all the way up the wall, then my feet fell under me and i was just hanging there, lol, i still had to get my feet up and over my head to get over this wall!! i didn’t fall back down, but man that was a bitch to get over. Trust me, after the race we went back and watched others do it,,,and it was not easy for a lot of people, some people fell down that wall multiple times before needing to just go around it. The last thing before the finish line was the PEANUT BUTTER PIT dundundun!!! I swear it took me 50 minutes to run the 4 miles and 10 minutes to get through this pit!! it sucked me in and i couldn’t escape! it was so thick. In fact…don’t tell anyone i told you, but a girl that was on her way to start the race asked if that pit was actually made out of peanut butter…like the real stuff!! hehe totally thought she was just kidding, but that was not the case…
The 4 of us finished the race right at an hour, my dad came in 10 minutes later. Not too bad for an old man! I came in #19/83 women competitors, and  #89/243 overall competitors. I love those numbers!! I love how much i can do, that i was not able to do a few years ago. And i love doing it with all the people i love around me!! everyone out here is my inspiration and motivation!

Days later i am still getting dirt out of my ears….and from under my nails!

Daniel Defense Pooler 5K

8 Sep

This morning was the Daniel Defense Pooler 5K to help support the Warriors in Transition Unit and Jenn was able to get us a spot to set up a table to help promote Moms RUN This TownSavannah, GA Chapter and maybe get some new members to join in on the fun!! We did have a few people come over and ask about us, and i was happy to persuade them to come to our Sunday morning meetup in Pooler!!

I printed out some flyers, we had tattoos, and postcards for people to take. I also put out the Race bib holders that Jenn and I made, hoping to at least get some sold, but all we got was interest, no buyers. Which is OK, i know people actually like them, i got a lot of good feedback. It was nice to watch a race, rather than partake in the event. I was one of the spectators watching the people come in at the finish, which i have never done before!! (now i kinda know how horrible i look at the end of a race….kinda scary! NOT saying everyone looked horrible, they just looked like they just ran 3.1 miles or something!! 🙂

Jenn’s son, Morgan came in first in his age group with a time of 21:27, which by the way is awesome!!! Missy won the race entry that MRTT gave out last month, and came out representing MRTT sporting her bondiband , along with Anna, Tina and Jacy!!! Jacy won most patriotic female costume!!! She looked awesome.

Congrats to all the runners!!!!

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